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Impossibly Fast

Speed up your analyses by up to 10,000X with Periscope's statistical sampling, pre-emptive in-memory caching, and other techniques.

Always Fresh

Periscope keeps all your charts and dashboards up to date all the time. Never run the same query twice.

Painless Integration

Periscope plugs directly into your database. No ETL, no uploading, no copying, no hassle.

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Beautiful Visualizations

Charts and dashboards you can't wait to show your teammates.

Expert Query Tools

Convenient and powerful editors make SQL maintainable and reusable for professional analysts. Let teammates build on your work.


Periscope is built by a small team of hackers working out of a loft apartment in San Francisco. We love our customers, greasy Indian food, great whiskey, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, "wait a minuteā€¦"

Jason Freidman
The Architect
After leaving Google to join Periscope, Jason promptly began rebuilding Periscope's backend services in Go. Before Google, Jason was lord of backend engineering at SF-based startup Tokbox.
David Ganzhorn
The Mad Scientist
Ganz joined Periscope from Google, where he ran dozens of A/B tests on the search results page, generating billions in new revenue. At Periscope he hacks on all levels of the stack.
Tom O'Neill
The Speed Demon
Periscope was started in Tom's apartment, where he built the first version of the product in a weekend. He leads Periscope's engineering efforts, and holds the coveted customer-facing bugfix record. (12 minutes!)
Harry Glaser
The Customer Advocate
Harry handles Periscope's customer support, sales, office hunting, whiskey buying, and website copywriting. In his spare time he still checks in a little code, much to the annoyance of the other engineers.